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Hinako’s Strong Points

1) Delivering good nutrition to your busy days.

Hinako’s brown rice is matured at low temperature for a certain period of time after it is packed.
As the rice is cooked in the special pack, the brown rice enzymes work to produce natural amino acids.
In addition, heat cooking sterilization gives the rice a slightly sweet and chewy texture, and it is rich in nutrients.
The inclusion of minor grains, which are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, further improves the nutritional balance and makes it a superfood that can be eaten every day.

2) It can be eaten warm or as is.
(Manufacturing system using patented technology)

As a nutritious and delicious brown rice meal that can be eaten right away, it can be served either warmed up or as is as a daily meal. As the global environment is changing, there is a greater demand for safe and reliable foods that can be stockpiled. Rather than throwing away preserved food that has passed its expiration date, we recommend the “rolling stock method” of stockpiling and consuming daily. It is also perfect as an emergency food.

Hinako’s brown rice is made with patented technology*.
The rice is additive-free, germ-free, and still keeps its nutrition and flavor.

*Next Generation Food Production System (Consecutive Heating, Cooking and Sterilization Equipment: Miroku AU-1) Patent 5134572

3) Use of carefully selected ingredients

Hinako’s Brown Rice Series uses all ingredients produced in Japan.

Commitment to Safety

The brown rice used by us is pesticide-free brown rice. This safe and tasty rice, free of pesticides, can be eaten safely even by small children.

Commitment to Health

This product uses seaweed salt made by an ancient method. Seaweed salt is said to be a natural health food. It is rich in minerals and has a low salt concentration, which helps prevent excessive sodium intake, a cause of adult diseases.

Commitment to Production Methods

Hinako’s brown rice is cooked using a Consecutive heating and sterilization system, a next-generation food processing technology. This makes it possible to sterilize the rice in a short time, so that the flavor and nutrition of the ingredients is preserved.

Commitment to Flavor

After boiling down the highest quality Hidaka kelp, we use carefully selected bonito flakes to make a soup stock that has a concentrated flavor.