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Make Your Body Happy
Let's replace your usual rice with "brown rice and minor grains"
to build a healthy body with immunity!

A unique blend of carefully selected domestic minor grains

”Hinako’s Brown Rice Series” is brown rice cooked with a unique blend of carefully selected domestic minor grains. Large minor grains such as soybeans, green soybeans, black soybeans, sweet red beans, and pearl barley are ground into the same size of rice to make it easier to eat. All of the minor grains used in the product are blended together in a unique and perfect way. This makes for delicious rice.

Minor grains are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. By simply replacing the rice you usually eat, you can get balanced nutrition without any stress. Every kind of minor grain that has a unique taste and texture is full of nutrients!

They are perfect for those who are interested in beauty and health, children who are growing up, seniors who have weaker chewing ability, and as a recovery food for the sick.

Building a healthy body with a good metabolism by eating brown rice

Minor grains contain several times more vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants than white rice.
Vitamins and minerals are essential for burning the three major nutrients and turning them into energy. They make it easier to burn fat.
It also removes the body’s waste products, increases metabolic power and resets the internal environment.

Replace your daily rice with 4 kinds of brown rice to reset your internal environment.
It can be eaten warm or as is. It’s super easy!

Hinako’s brown rice is a processed food with no additives and no germs

Hinako’s brown rice is a next-generation processed food cooked in an additive-free and germ-free method that preserves the original flavor and taste of the ingredients.
It has been heated, sterilized, and packaged without adding any additives.
It is very safe to eat even for children and the elderly.

It is also a pressure-heat sterilized food that can be preserved for a long time even though it has no additives.
The shelf life is one year at room temperature.
It can be served warm or as is, and you can easily enjoy high quality, nutritious rice without wasting it.

From daily food to emergency food

As the global environment is changing, there is a greater need for safe and reliable foods that can be stockpiled.
Hinako’s brown rice is perfect as an emergency food.
Rather than throwing away preserved food that has passed its expiration date, we recommend the “rolling stock method” of stockpiling and consuming for daily use.

Since it is a pressure-heat sterilized food that keeps its nutritional value, it can be widely used for travel, or as a diet food for women.

You can eat brown rice, rice with minor grains, and rice porridge, which take a lot of time and effort to prepare in a single serving, deliciously and easily at any time.
We also recommend brown rice and ancient rice for lunch boxes, when you don’t have much rice, for a healthy lifestyle for those who live by themselves, and for building up immunity to illness.

Made with patented technology

Hinako’s brown rice is made with patented technology*.
The rice is additive-free, germ-free, and still keeps its nutrition and flavor.

*Next generation food production system (Consecutive heating cooking sterilization equipment, Miroku AU-1) Patent 5134572

Introduction of Hinako’s Brown Rice Series

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Brown rice

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